Sunday April 11th

CCC First Road Trip of 2021

(By Barb Cannon)

Sunday, April 11th, 12 intrepid individuals took a drive in their classic/show cars through the countryside of southeast Iowa and up along the Mississippi River.

Mel and I led the way in our Mustang followed by Dick White in his Corvette, Dan Hyduke in his Plymouth Phoenix, Mark and Donna Heacock in their Steeda Mustang, Pat Moore and Pat Wade in Pat Moore’s PT Cruiser, Marguerite Yeutter and Terry Clark in their Mustang Bullitt, Jerry Best in his T-Bird, and Tim Bosserman and his dog Moose (our trip mascot) in his Ford LTD.

Rain kept us from going on the 10th. And though the rain date was for April 17th, the rain was supposed to clear out by the 11th. Knowing what Iowa is like in the spring, we thought it wiser to go while we could.  Thanks to Donna for getting the word out about the change of plans.

Our drive took us from Iowa City, through Lone Tree, Conesville, Columbus Junction, Columbus City, Morning Sun, Yarmouth to Burlington for lunch. Due to the pandemic, we didn’t make reservations with any restaurant. Instead we pulled into McDonalds where most of us decided to get carryout. Then we met back up at the Subway across the street for the rest of the trip.

On the north side of Burlington we turned right and took a couple of winding streets around the city to the Great River Road (X99 and X61) along the Mississippi River. At Toolesboro we stopped to see the Indian Mounds and “Six Littleton Brothers Civil War Memorial.


Then headed toward Muscatine, around Muscatine to Wild Cat Den to the Pine Creek Grist Mill for another short stop.

The final leg of our trip took us through West Liberty back to Iowa City to the Dairy Queen (of course) on Rochester Avenue for ice cream.