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For CCC's 1st Cruise to Burlington looks like tomorrow afternoon (10th) is a rain out. Since Sunday (11th) looks good we will re-schedule for that date.



Sunday April 11th

Please print for your reference.

Map images of our route are on our Web Site at

If you get lost or have problems, call Navigator Barbara at 319-325-2078

Map Image #1

* Meet at McDonalds on Lower Muscatine in Iowa City at 9:45 to leave at 10:00.

Take Hwy 6 to X14. Turn right.

Take X14 through Lone Tree to G28. Turn left to Hwy 70. Turn right.

Take Hwy 70 through Conesville to Columbus Junction.

Map Image #2

At Columbus Junction turn right off Hwy 70 onto 2nd Street.

At Walnut Street turn left through town to Main Street and turn right.

Follow Main Street under Hwy 92 to Maple and turn right on Maple back to 2nd Street.

Map Image #3

Turn left and follow 2nd, Gamble and Colton Streets in Columbus City.

Turn left at Columbus Street and exit town. Columbus Street becomes X37.

Map Images #4&#5

Follow X37 to Morning Sun.

Map Image #6

In Morning Sun X37 is Main Street.

Follow Main Street to SE 6th Street and turn left.

At S. Church Street turn right to Caseys for a 15 minute PIT STOP.

Map Image #7

From Caseys turn right onto Hwy 78. At X31 turn left.

Map Image#8

Pass through Yarmouth on X31/H38/X31 to H40 and turn left.

At Hwy 61 turn right.

Map Image #9

Take Hwy 61 into the north side of Burlington to the McDonalds at 1725 North Roosevelt.

Map Image #10

LUNCH 30-45 MINUTES. Eat at McDonalds, Casa Fiesta, or Subway---Your Choice---and gas up at the BP station across the street, if needed.

Map Image #11

After lunch (approx. 1:00 pm) meet at the Subway parking lot, in front by Hwy 61.

Exit lot. Turn right onto Hwy 61.

Take Hwy 61 to Sunnyside Avenue and turn right.

Take Sunnyside Avenue to Irish Ridge Road and turn left.

Map Image #12

Take Irish Ridge Road to Golf Course Road and turn right.

Take Golf Course Road to Hwy 99 and turn left.

Map Image #13

Take Hwy 99 past Oakville to Toolesboro Indian Mounds.

Map Image #14

Turn right onto Toolesboro Avenue. Pull into the Mound Parking Lot. Visit Mound Site.

Map Image #15

Exit parking lot and turn right on Hwy 99.

Take Hwy 99 to G62 and turn right.

Map Image #16

Take G62 to X61 and turn left.

Take X61 to Dick Drake Hwy in Muscatine and turn left.

Map Image #17

Take Dick Drake Hwy through town to Business 61. Cross the intersection onto Hwy 61 Bypass.

Take Hwy 61 Bypass to Mulberry Avenue. Turn right. PIT STOP at the Caseys. 15 minutes.

Map Image #18

Exit Caseys and turn right onto Hwy 61 Bypass.

Take Hwy 61 past Hwy 38 junction for 4 blocks and turn into Blain’s Farm and Fleet where we will wait for everyone to catch up.

Map Image #19

On the other side of Blain’s lot, turn right onto University Drive

Take University Drive/Colorado St to Hwy 22 and turn left.

Map Image #20

Take Hwy 22 through Fairport to Wildcat Den Road and turn left.

Map Image #21

Take Wildcat Den Road to Grist Mill parking lot. Pine Creek Grist Mill is a short walk from the parking lot.

Exit parking lot and enter New Era Road

Map Image #22

Take New Era Road back to Hwy 61 and turn right.

Take Hwy 61 to Y14 (Taylor Dr) and turn left

Take Y14 to F70 and turn left

Map Image #23

Take F70/E70 to Hwy 70 and turn right

Map Image #24

Take Hwy 70/US6 from West Liberty to Iowa City.

Enjoy Dairy Queen on Rochester Avenue via American Legion Road and Scott Blvd if time allows.

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