CCC trip to Breitbach’s

(By Barb Cannon) 

Saturday, October 19th, 16 CCC members traveled to Balltown for lunch at Breitbach’s Country Dining Restaurant.  Mel and I led the way followed by Mary Reese, Pat Moore, Pat Wade, Sandy Willingham, Bob and Cathy Reese, Mark and Donna Heacock, Darrell and Deb Lewis, Lane Meder, Pat and Jan Sheldon, and Ted Edwards.

It was cloudy and cool, but the predicted rain held off for most of the trip. The leaves would have been prettier if there would have been sun.  We made good time even though we were stuck behind a tractor pulling a grain wagon for a while, and got slowed down to 20 mph. We got to Balltown about 30 minutes early for the lunch buffet, so we stopped at the overlook just west of town. 

 Since it was starting rain by then, we all decided to go on to the restaurant and wait there for lunch to start. 

After eating a delicious lunch, and with no other plans on the itinerary, most of the group headed back home.  Mel and I had plans to head on north on the Great River Road to New Albin and cross the Iowa border just to say we were in Minnesota. We invited anyone who wished to go along. Mark and Donna were the only ones to take up the offer. 

Coming home just south of New Albin is county road A26 and it’s very curvy.  One curve in particular goes sharply to the right and downhill at the same time.  The suggested speed is 25mph.  Mel took it at 45mph. By this time, I think Mark and Donna were regretting their decision to follow us!  We enjoyed Dairy Queen when we got back to Iowa City