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Breakfast at the Ronneburg Restaurant!

Please join us for breakfast at the Ronneburg Restaurant in Amana on Saturday, July 27th at 9 AM. The Ronneburg has a very good family style breakfast. We haven't been there for a while as a Club so hope you can join us! A few of our members (that I know of) are celebrating July birthdays so please come and help them celebrate their birthdays plus anyone else who has a July birthday!

Doris Havel

Thank you to the Plate's (Harold, Nancy & Dennis) and to the Van Dyke's (Bob & Jackie) for joining me at the Ronneburg in Amana. Enjoyed a wonderful family style breakfast and as usual, had a great time.

Doris Havel

June "Dining" at Midtown!

Tonight, Saturday, June 29th, our dining took us to the Midtown Family Restaurant (Scott Court) in Iowa City. We had a good group of people and great food. Thank you to those who came: Jim & Brenda Schintler, Bob & Lyn Maske, Gabe, Darcy & Rayne Havel-Sturdevant, Mel & Barb Cannon, Debbie & Daryl Lewis, Pat Wade, Pat Moore, Jim & Donna Stagg, Mark & Donna Heacock, and me Doris Havel.

Doris Havel

Sunday, May 19th, 5:30 PM

May 19, 2019, Sunday, Ten CCC members attended the "Dining with Dorie" at the Village Inn, Coralville. Dorie was unable to attend. The Heacock's, Jim Anderlik, Michelle Shingledecker, Dennis Plate, Harold and Nancy Plate and Dianne Plate, Pat Wade and Jim Peiffer enjoyed great food and conversation. Village Inn, Coralville is a sponsor of CCC.

Doris Havel

Dining with Dorie - Dining for April 13th:

Saturday, 5:30p, CCC Dining with Dorie – Zio Johno’s Spaghetti House, 780 Community Dr., Suite 1, North Liberty, IA. Zio's has their party room reserved.

Dining with Dorie - Dining for March:

​Saturday, March 16th, 5:30 PM
Hilltop Tavern
1100 North Dodge Street
Iowa City

On Saturday, March 16th, faithful "Dining with Dorie" CCC members got together at the Hilltop Tavern for good food and a good time. Those who attended were Mark & Donna Heacock, Harold, Nancy, Diane, & Dennis Plate, Jim Pfeiffer, Jim & Brenda Schintler, Mary Reese & her granddaughter Sierra, Bruce Platteter, Bob & Jackie Van Dyke, and me, Doris Havel.


​Dining for February:

Sunday, February 17th, 4 PM
Pagliai's Pizza
302 East Bloomingon Street
Iowa City.


Another snowy "dining" day in IC (what else is new). But, in spite of the weather, we still had die-hard, faithful friends and members who ventured out to Pagliai's this late afternoon. Thanks to Mark & Donna Heacock, Diane & Dennis Plate, and Jim & Donna Stagg (who made the "long trek" from West Liberty). Pagliai's pizza was great as usual.

Doris Havel

Dining with Dorie

Saturday, January 26th, 5:30 PM:

In spite of the extreme January temperatures and snow, we had a decent turnout for "Dining with Dorie" at the Iowa City Pizza Ranch on Saturday, January 26th. Thanks to our CCC members Jim Pfeiffer, Debbie & Daryl Lewis & granddaughter, Quincy, Bob Buchmayer, Harold, Nancy, Diane & Dennis Plate, Mel & Barb Cannon, Mark & Donna Heacock and grandson, Jake, Nick Heacock & daughter, Baylie, and Jim & Donna Stagg. It was a good time and it was great to see everyone. Spring is coming!

Doris Havel

Tuesday, September 11, 2018  6:00 PM


Our September "Dining with Dorie" was almost without me, but even though I was late, I made it! Anyway, it was held at Wig & Pen (one of our sponsors) in Coralville and as usual, the food (especially the pizza) was great! Thanks to all the CCC members who came: Mark & Connie Stellinga, Jim & Donna Stagg, Jim Pfeiffer, Daryl & Debbie Lewis, Bob & Edyie Stika, Mark & Donna Heacock, and me, Doris Have

Thanks to all who came!



Our August "Dining with Dorie" was held tonight (8/18) at Sam's Pizza in Iowa City. The pizza was very good and everyone had a good time visiting. Parking was a little "iffy" with the UI students back in town, but we made it! Those who came were Mark & Donna Heacock, Harold, Nancy, Diane & Dennis Plate, Jim & Brenda Schintler, Jim & Donna Stagg, and me!

Thanks to all who came!


Saturday, July 28th, CCC members met at the Iowa City Village Inn


...for our monthly "Dining with Dorie".  As usual we enjoyed good food and lots of conversation. Thank you to those who came:  Bob Buchmayer, Bruce Platteter, Mark & Donna Heacock, Mitchel Shingledecker, Jim Anderlik, Jim & Brenda Schintler, Harold, Nancy, Diane & Dennis Plate, Bob & Edyie Stika & Edyie's mom, Julieanne, and me, Doris Havel.

Tommy's West Restaurant
393 Edgewood Road, NW
Cedar Rapids, IA

Our June "Dining" was held at Tommy's West Restaurant in Cedar Rapids on June 30th. As usual, the food was great and everyone enjoyed a good time visiting with their friends. Those who ventured out in the extreme heat were Mark & Donna Heacock and their grandson, Mitchel Shingledecker, Doug & Sandy Schroeder, Harold, Nancy, & Dennis Plate, Harvey & Jeanne Nelson, and me, Doris Havel.

Saturday, May 5th

Zio Johnno's



Zio Johnno's in North Liberty was our destination for our May "dining." The weather was beautiful and it was a nice day to get out for a drive. Those who attended were Dennis Plate, Diane Plate, Mark & Donna Heacock, Bob & Jackie Van Dyke, Steve & Jody Rausch, my cousins Jim & Brenda Schintler, and me, Doris Havel. Thanks to all who came!

Doris Havel

Saturday, April 14th



Midtown Family Restaurant

Despite the rainy, windy weather which we had during the day on Saturday, April 14th, we had a nice turnout for our  "Dining with Dorie" dinner at Midtown. Those who attended were Mark & Donna Heacock, Bob Buchmayer, Jim & Brenda Schintler, Harold, Nancy, Diane, & Dennis Plate, Lana Courtney, David Courtney, Doug & Sandy Schroeder & their daughter, my brother, Bob Stika, & his wife, Edyie, Edyies mom, Julieanne, and me, Doris Havel.

Thanks to all who came, and especially our members who came from Cedar Rapids (Schroeder's) and Davenport (Courtney's).

Sunday, March 18th, 5:30 PM

The Iowa City Pizza Ranch was our "Dining with Dorie" destination for the month of March. As usual the food was great and was enjoyed by all who came. Those included Mark & Donna Heacock, Bruce Platteter, Harold, Nancy, Diane & Dennis Plate, Jim & Donna Stagg, Mark & Connie Stellinga, and me, Doris Havel. Thanks to all who came!

Doris Havel

Sunday, July 17th

We had a good time and a great turnout for our monthly "Dining" at the Iowa City Pizza Ranch. Those who attended were Harold, Nàncy, Dennis and Diane Plate, Bob and Jackie Van Dyke, Daryl and Debbie Lewis, Dick White and Ann Schulte, Debby and Duàne Stock, Mark and Donna Heacock and Mitchel Shingledecker, Bruce Platteter, Jim Portwood, Mike and Barbara Walters, Yvonne Walters, Wylee and Amy Walters, Ted Edwards, and me, Doris Havel.

Ronneburg Restaurant, Amana

Everyone who attended our June "dining" on June 12th at the Ronneburg in Amana didn't go away hungry with all of the great food which was served family style. Also, with all the talking and laughing coming from our table it appears that everyone had a good time! Those that came were Harold, Nancy, Dennis, and Diane Plate, Bruce Platteter, Bob Buchmayer, Judi Goodell,  Bob and Jackie Van Dyke, and me, Doris Havel.

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