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First Cruise for 2020

The Friggatriskaidekaphobia Road Trip (Fear of Friday the 13th)

On March 13 we met at McDonalds, Market Place, Iowa City. There was the Mark and Donna Heacock, Deb and Daryl Lewis, Bob and Cathy Reese, Denny and Marilyn Carney and Mel and Barb Cannon, We cruised Highway 6E to Davenport. First stop was at the Filling Station Restaurant to eat lunch. We were joined there with Dick and Norma McCormac

Then on to the Dahl Old Car Museum.  They have a grand exhibit of old cars.  The McCormac's went home from here and the rest of us Went back Hwy 6 to Wilton - the Candy Kitchen (founded in 1855) and had treats. A great day with great friends!

Thanks to Mel Cannon for planning and leading our cruise!