Mark Heacock -President

Lee Thompson - VP & Cruise Director

Donna Heacock - Secretary

Cathy Reese - Treasurer

Board Members

Mel Cannon

Mary Reese

Pat Wade

Classy Chassy Cruisers Member Information

The Classy Chassy Cruisers was founded in 2001 to encourage camaraderie among car enthusiasts who believe in the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of classic automobiles of all years, makes, and models - new and old and in-between.

The club started as a small group of interested persons that continuously recruit new members and sponsors who share our interest in enjoying classic cars and trucks.

All donations and sponsorships are used to cover the cost of the club's activities which include the cost of printing and mailing the monthly newsletter, supplying items for the various activities, supporting our cars shows, and to enabling us to offer free community events.

Currently we have almost 200 families in our club.  We'd like you to consider joining, participating in our activities, and enjoying our club.
Just click on "Become a CCC Member" fill out the form, and mail it in.

Front Row  - Gary Werle, Board Member; Donna Heacock, Secretary/Treasurer/Newsletter Editor; Mark Heacock, President

Back Row -- Ted Pacha & Daryl Lewis  Board Members; Mel Cannon, Vice President; and Steve Rausch, Board Member