Lee's Cruises for 2015 (planning ideas anyway)

2022 Cruises & Dining


       April 16, 2022, 17 CCC members and a guest joined in on the first cruise of 2022 planned by Mel Cannon to ""The Filling Station" Davenport to eat lunch and then cruised back on Hwy 130 to Tipton on to Cedar Bluffs to Iowa City Hoover Hwy Dairy Queen for treats.

      (Lyn and Lee Thompson; Mary Reese; Pat Moore; Mark and Donna Heacock; Jacob Rogers; Mel and Barb Cannon; Steve and Cathy Smith; Dennis Plate and Diane Stastny; Daryl and Deb Lewis; Marguerite Yeutter and Terry Clark. Brian Reese Joined in also. The Thompson's Granddaughter, Megan and her husband Cole, with their daughter joined us for lunch)

       It was an enjoyable day to take the classics/cruisers out. We had great service the The Filling Station and great food!

2021 CCC Cruise
Traveling just for the Trips!




     October 23, 2021, Saturday, was a beautiful fall day. Classy Chassy Cruisers met at the 4-H Fairgrounds, Iowa City at 9:50a to cruise to the Parkview Manor Nursing Home, Wellman, Iowa. We cruised down Hwy 218 to Hwy 22 and cruised thru Riverside to Parkview Manor, Wellman. 

     We parked around the drive and some of the residents were viewing the 11 classics and cruisers out the windows. CCC members showing their classics/cruisers were - Heacocks; Tim, Darcy and Quincy Meder; Lane Meder and his friend Nick; Tim Bosserman; Charles Capper; - Gorsch, Daryl and Deb Lewis; Dick and Norma McCormac; Marquite Yeutter and Terry Clark; Mel and Barb Cannon; and Al and Lois Dehoques.

     Adriene Gragg the activities director, Darcy and Quincy Meder (employees) at Parkview Manor Nursing Home and other staff brought residents out to the parking lot to view the classics/cruisers.

     We parked for 30 minutes and then cruised to the Tequilla Grill, Kalona to eat. We had 19 eat great food and service, with lots of conversations and laughing having a great time!

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                                CCC CRUISE TO STATE PARKS


          Oct. 2nd, Saturday, CCC Fall Cruise to Palisades State Park; Wapsipinicon State Park; and on to Anamosa. We ate at McOtto's near the National  Motorcycle Museum.

           After we ate everyone decided to go to Kroul’s pumpkin patch on Hwy 1, between Mt Vernon and Solon. Some shopped, some went thru the maze, etc.

           Returning to Iowa City to the Dairy Queen Eastside Hoover Hwy for our treats..  Weather was beautiful and sunny. We eight Classics,15 members cruise today – Daryl and Deb Lewis; Tim and Darcy Meder; Lane and Quincy Meder; Donna and Mark Heacock; Nick and Deb Chelf; Pat and Jan Sheldon; Pat Moore and Pat; and Gary Kline; 

Thanks Daryl Lewis for planning and leading the cruise we all had a great time!

July 17th, CCC Cruise to Cedar Rapids Retirement Homes

        Saturday, July 17th, Classy Chassy Cruisers was asked by Leslie Croy to do a cruise to Cottage Grove Place, Cedar Rapids and we therefore included three other area Retirement Homes – “The Views of Marion”; “Grand Living at Indian Creek; and “Garnett Place”. Members near Iowa City left the Highlander at 9:30a to cruise to Cedar Rapids; and members from the surrounding area of Cedar Rapids were asked to meet at Cottage Grove Place at 10:30a to begin the cruise to bring memories and joy to the residents, We had twelve Classics/Cruisers join in. We cruised around twice slowly, and many residents thanked us for coming. Our cruise took us from 1st Street, Mt. Vernon to Mt Vernon Road to Forrest Drive, Cedar Rapids. There are some beautiful older homes on Forrest Drive and then we went past Historic Brucemore. Another beautiful drive was on 29th/30th Street to East Post Road, keeping a watchful eye out for deer and turkey. We crossed Highway 100 to “The Views of Marion”. Cruising around the building and around the circles where the residents were sitting with smiles and waving. Next, we went back out on to Highway 100 to “Grand Living at Indian Creek” around the building and circle where many residents and staff were lined up with smiles. Then we cruised back up 1st Avenue to 35th Street turning to “Garnett Place”. All the residents enjoyed viewing the Classics/Cruisers. We finished our cruise at the “Starlight Room” to gather and eat lunch. They had a room that 23 members enjoyed sharing stories and updating each other. The service was fantastic, and the food was great. A Dairy Queen is located in front of the “Starlight Room” and you guessed it, some members couldn’t pass ice cream up.

June 17, 2021 CCC Members Cruised to Highlander Ridge Retirement Home, Williamsburg for their Car Show.

June 13th, Sunday was another "HOT" day in the 90's.  We had nine classic/cruisers join us on the cruise to the area Nursing/Assisted Living/ and Retirement Homes.  There were many residents out to enjoy our cruise around their facilities.  

We Cruised Briarwood Nursing Home; Oaknoll; Walden Place; Melrose Meadows; Grand Living at  Bridgewater; Brown Deer Place; Lantern Park; Windmill Manor; and Keystone of North Liberty.  One lady at Grand Living at Bridgewater was standing near the drive with a picture of a Rogers Antique Car that is in the Antique Auto Museum, Coralville.