Lee's Cruises for 2015 (planning ideas anyway)

2022 Cruises & Dining

Traveling just for the Trips!


       April 16, 2022, 17 CCC members and a guest joined in on the first cruise of 2022 planned by Mel Cannon to ""The Filling Station" Davenport to eat lunch and then cruised back on Hwy 130 to Tipton on to Cedar Bluffs to Iowa City Hoover Hwy Dairy Queen for treats.

      (Lyn and Lee Thompson; Mary Reese; Pat Moore; Mark and Donna Heacock; Jacob Rogers; Mel and Barb Cannon; Steve and Cathy Smith; Dennis Plate and Diane Stastny; Daryl and Deb Lewis; Marguerite Yeutter and Terry Clark. Brian Reese Joined in also. The Thompson's Granddaughter, Megan and her husband Cole, with their daughter joined us for lunch)

       It was an enjoyable day to take the classics/cruisers out. We had great service the The Filling Station and great food!